Concept for a Directional Color Filter

Nanoscale devices divide incident white light into its component colors based on the direction of illumination

Plasmons for Nanoscale Lasers

Visible-frequency lasing by leveraging surface plasmons propagating in an open Fabry-Perot cavity

Atomic Clock With a 3D Optical Lattice

The 3D quantum gas clock achieved a precision of 3.5 parts error in 10 quintillion in about 2 hours

Sensing Atoms Caught in Ripples of Light

Light waves propagating down a fiber both capture and probe the atoms

The Sharpest Laser in the World

Two ultrastable lasers are each stabilized by independent silicon Fabry-Pérot cavities

Rheo-Raman Microscope for Soft Materials

Measuring flow properties, microscopic structure and composition

Efficient Detector for Single Photons

New detector counts individual photons at a rate of several hundred million per second

Measuring Tiny Forces With Light

NIST researchers develop an optomechanical force sensor with femtonewton resolution

Optical Sorting of Nanoparticles by Size

Particles pass through an optical standing wave in a laser cavity

Nanodevice Shifts Light’s Color at Single-Photon Level

NIST-team has developed a miniaturized version of a frequency converter