Giant Modulation of Visible Light

Nanoantennas made of achiral gold half-rings produce scattering modulation

On-Chip Quantum Emitters

The new device shows a record-high firing of 42 million single photons per second

Nanodiamond Turns Into a Light Source

Nanoantennas based on nanodiamonds with nitrogen-vacancy centres coupled to Mie resonances of nanoparticles

Light-Emitting Nanoantennas

Prototype uses halide perovskites with enhanced photoluminescence due to multipolar Mie resonances

High-Index Materials for Optical Nanoantennas

Examination of the available high-index materials in terms of their resonances in the visible and infrared spectral ranges

Optical Storage Based on Raman Scattering

Russian scientists developed new methods to increase storage capacity

Metamaterial Uses Light to Control Its Motion

Unique mechanism couples its optical and mechanical resonances

Gold Nanoantennas for More Durable Solar Cells

Solar cells made of solid materials to improve their ability to function under harsh environmental conditions

Hybrid Nanoantennas for Ultradense Data Recording

Production of planar arrays of hybrid nanoantennas for light manipulation