New Way to Make Light Interact With Matter

Reducing the wavelength of light could allow it to be absorbed or emitted by a semiconductor

Improving Infrared Imaging

Artificial optical materials could allow cheaper, flatter, more efficient detectors for night vision

New Form of Light Created

Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons

Photonic Devices Go Flexible

Light-based devices could be used as biomedical sensors or as flexible connectors for electronics.

2D-Material Emits Ultrafast Pulses

Fluorescent materials could be used for rapid light-based communications systems

Terahertz Laser With More Power

New design boosts the power output of the best-performing chip-scale terahertz laser by 80 percent.

Nanomotors Driven by Light

Researchers demonstrate nanoscale particles that ordinary light sources can set spinning

Photonic Processor for Artificial Neural Networks

Programmable nanophotonic device uses multiple light beams to carry out calculations

High-Res Imaging with Conventional Microscopes

Tissue-expansion technique could allow scientists to map brain circuits

Higher Gain for Photonic Devices

New light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data