Photonic Processor for Artificial Neural Networks

Programmable nanophotonic device uses multiple light beams to carry out calculations

High-Res Imaging with Conventional Microscopes

Tissue-expansion technique could allow scientists to map brain circuits

Higher Gain for Photonic Devices

New light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data

Microscope Identifies Individual Particles

Low-cost spectroscopy technique could allow detection of microscopic amounts of chemicals

Iso-Frequency Contours of Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals reveal their internal characteristics with new method

Judging a Book Through Its Cover

New computational imaging method can read through a stack of paper

New Realms of Light-Matter Interaction

Some “forbidden” light emissions are in fact possible, could enable new sensors and light-emitting devices

Microlasers for Terahertz Radiation

Technique for phase locking arrays of tiny lasers could lead to terahertz scanners

Tunable Scattering of Immersions

Mixing solids and liquids enhances optical properties of both

New Way to Control Particle Motions on 2-D Materials

Study points the way to new photonic devices with one-way traffic lanes