Combined Spectroscopy and Microscopy for Materials Science

Newly released fiber coupling sample holder. With this device, the modular, time-resolved and steady state spectrometer “FluoTime 300” can be combined with a microscope such as the “MicroTime 100”. These kind of set-up allows users to easily record time-, space-,0 and spectrally resolved luminescence spectra from any sample mounted in the microscope.

Novel and Intuitive Operating Concept for Raman and Scanning Microscopes

New operating concept “Suite FIVE” with sophisticated features and hands-on control, enabling the researcher to move from setup to results with unprecedented ease. It offers advanced functionality, accelerated workflow and enhanced hardware control.

Toptica Strengthens Presence in Japan

Operations of Toptica KK start September 1st, 2016

Dichroics for Super-resolution Microscopy

New beamsplitter series for super-resolution microscopy offering λ/10 P-V per inch flatness on 3 mm thick dichroics and improved λ/2 P-V per inch flatness on improved 1 mm dichroics. There will be no compromise regarding guaranteed steepest edges, short wavelength reflectivity down to 350 nm, and long wavelength transmission optimized out to 1200 nm or […]

Core Facility Becomes Leica Reference Center

Leica Microsystems and the Biomedical Center in Munich open the Core Facility Bioimaging for applied cell research

A Novel Microscope for Nanosystems

LMU/MPQ-scientists can image the optical properties of individual nanoparticles with a novel microscope.

Researchers Validate Scientific and Workflow Benefits of New Imaging Technology for Microscopy

Two recent studies demonstrate that a new imaging technology can lead to significant improvements in image quality and consistency for analysis and publication of histological images

The Brain Prize Awarded to Inventors of Two Photon Microscopic Technique

The world’s most valuable neuroscience prize, The Brain Prize, has been awarded to Winfried Denk and Arthur Konnerth (Germany), and Karel Svoboda and David Tank (USA), for the invention and development of two-photon microscopy, a transformative tool in brain research.

Appointment to the Highest Level of the Zeiss Technical Ladder

Drs. Michael Kempe and Michael Totzeck have been designated as Fellows, the highest level of the Zeiss technical ladder.

Robert Zopf New Head of Sales at Arges

As of February 1, 2015, Robert Zopf is on board as the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Arges GmbH.