Mirrorcle Laser-Cuts Ribbon on Cleanroom Facility

Volume MEMS mirror production at the company’s Richmond, CA, headquarters

Steering Light with Dynamic Lenses

New class of flat optical devices by the combination of metasurfaces and MEMS

On-Chip 3D Micro­printing for Pho­tonic and MEMS Sys­tems

Additive manufac­turing of micro-parts on inte­grated cir­cuits saves packa­ging costs and time

MEMS Chips Get Metalenses

Combining metasurface lenses with MEMS technology could enhance focusing capability of optical systems

Micro-Spectrometer for Smartphones

New system consists of a photonic crystal cavity with an integrated quantum dot photodiode

NeoSpectra Micro Wins SEMI’s Technology Showcase Award

First spectrometer-on-a-chip offers speed, accuracy and lower cost for mobile and consumer electronics

Laser Sensors for Self-Driving Cars 

Osram Opto Semiconductors presents a prototype of a multi-channel laser for scanning LIDAR

Scientists Tune X-rays with Tiny Mirrors

The secret of X-ray science – like so much else – is in the timing.

Better Welding with Speedy Laser Mirrors

Fast, durable mirrors that are capable of performing challenging cutting and welding tasks developed

MEMS Technology for Spectroscopy in the Medium Infrared Range

A novel approach uses MEMS technology for spectral analysis in the medium infrared range