CCD Image Sensors Plays Key Role in COVID-19 Diagnostics

Teledyne technology drives microscopy research and diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus and other diseases

‘LEGO-Box’ Solution for the Shortage of Corona Masks

‘Bug Zapper’ uses UV-C to enable the sterilization and reuse of N95 masks

Smart Thermal Sensor Solution for Elevated Skin Temperature Screening

Initial shipments of FLIR thermal sensor solution to be prioritized for entities fighting Covid-19

Smart Glasses to Remotely Monitor COVID-19 Patients

UofL Trager Institute, emergency medicine and psychiatry are part of a feasibility study to test smart glasses in health care

Observing a SARS-CoV-2 Infection Live with the “Coronascope”

Especially constructed iScat microscope installed in virological high-security lab

Robots to the Rescue

IFR’s Innovation Award winner from Denmark helps to fight pandemic

A Handheld, High-Resolution Medical Imaging Device

NTU development with potential for bedside scanning

Uncomplicated Tool for Fever Measurement in Public Places

Reliable test system for the detection of possibly Corona-infected persons

Breast Screening to End Unnecessary Biopsies

New mammographic imaging system determines benign or malignant breast lesions

A Supercontinuum Laser for Fast Detection of Skin Cancer

New LC-OCT medical imaging device detects cancer cells early, fast, without biopsies