Saint-Gobain’s New Laser Process Actilaz

Improved surface treatment of heat-insulating glass thanks to Trumpf and Manz know-how

Manz Wins $90M Order for Display Production Solutions

Follow-up order from one of China’s largest display manufacturers

Manz Enters Laser Glass Cutting for Medical

Picosecond laser thinly modifies the glass substrate to be processed along a line that is only two microns thick

Alliance for CIGS Solar Technology Development

Manz, Shenhua Group and Shanghai Electric enter strategic cooperation

New Record in Thin-Film Solar Technology Efficiency

With 22.6 %, the world record for CIGS thin-film solar cell efficiency is back in Germany

Battery Cells Perfectly Welded with 3D Laser Triangulation

New laser welding equipment exactly determines position of the cells in a battery module in all three dimensions

Manz AG Introduces Martin Drasch as the New Chief Operating Officer

Martin Drasch (40) was introduced as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Manz AG at its 2015 Annual General Meeting .

New Technology for Laser Drilling of Ceramic Films

Greater productivity with a divided laser beam