NIR Laser Systems for ISS to Monitor Forest Dynamics

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation mission passes final tests

Evaluating Lidar in Real-World Conditions

Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles

Aladin’s Magic Laser Lamp

Aeolus satellite to map Earth’s wind in real-time with powerful lidar instrument

Seeing Hidden Objects Around Corners

Efficient non-line-of-sight imaging at macroscopic scales with a new laser technology

Measuring Optical Distance at Record-High Speed

Frequency combs enable precise optical distance ranging at a rate of 100 million measurements per second

MEMS Chips Get Metalenses

Combining metasurface lenses with MEMS technology could enhance focusing capability of optical systems

Optical Technologies Are the Key For Automated Driving

Automated Driving is one of the major topics for our mobility of the next decades. Simple Levels of automated driving (e.g. Automatic Cruise Control or Lane Keeping) are available today, the next level where the driver is allowed to do other tasks is to be introduced by 2020.

GM Acquires Lidar Developer

Strobe to work with Cruise Automation to develop next generation of laser sensors

Osram Invests in Lidar Expert LeddarTech

Investment strengthens position in the autonomous driving sector

New Lighting Systems Enhance Perspectives for Autonomous Driving

Light is becoming increasingly important in areas such as navigation and environmental recognition