Controlling the Phase of Light Using 2D Materials

Atomically thin materials manipulate the phase of light without changing its amplitude at extremely low power loss

It’s a Sony!

Sony presents concept car at CES featuring evolved imaging and sensing technologies

Climate Data Thanks to Compact Alexandrite Lasers

Taking 3D printing to the lidar network – measurement campaigns planned worldwide

Teaching Cars to Drive with Foresight

A new approach for semantic scene understanding of Lidar-sequences

Scintil Raises € 4 M in First-Round Funding

Funds will enable fabless company to accelerate industrialization of its technology and product development program

Preview: EPIC Meeting on LIDAR for Automotive

30 – 31 October, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Volume Semicon Laser Manufacturing for Mass-Market LIDAR

II-VI Inc.and Lite-On sign strategic partnership agreement for production and marketing

Automated Manufacture of Lidar Systems

Low-cost solid-state system for the automotive industry

Miniaturizing Medical Imaging, Sensing Technology

High quality medical images produced using a microchip

Controlling Crystals of Light

Light inside optical on-chip microresonators can be crystallized in a form of periodic pulse trains