Miniaturizing Medical Imaging, Sensing Technology

High quality medical images produced using a microchip

Controlling Crystals of Light

Light inside optical on-chip microresonators can be crystallized in a form of periodic pulse trains

Second Laser Boosts Aeolus Satellite’s Power

After the switch to its second laser transmitter, ESA’s wind satellite is back up and running

Airborne Lidar Improves Climate Models

Instrument improves measurements of atmospheric gases that cause global warming

Blickfeld Scores with Lidar

Company wins Germany’s highest-endowed start-up prize against 1,200 participants

PIXAPP Funding Initiative Supports Advanced Photonic Packaging

Closing date for submission of the pre-proposal application form is May 17th

Ultrafast High-Power Multi-Channel Laser Driver for Lidar

Advancement in laser driver technology enables longer range and higher resolution lidar architectures

A Nanolaser Shines in All Directions

Irregularities in the materials of the laser are responsible for the omnidirectional light emission

NIR Laser Systems for ISS to Monitor Forest Dynamics

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation mission passes final tests

Evaluating Lidar in Real-World Conditions

Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles