Powerful LED Light Source for Fluorescence Illumination

New multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illumination system “Excelitas X-Cite TURBO” for microscopy. It provides with its “LaserLED Hybrid Drive” maximum excitation power for all standard fluorophores in an overall range of 380 to 650 nm.

Better Healing out of the Blue

Irradiation with a blue-LED haemostatic device improved the healing process in superficial skin wounds without adverse side effects

LEDs That Use Visible Light To Talk To Each Other

System’s interoperability supports both internet of things and internet of toys

LED Lighting Cutting Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers have developed a less expensive, more sustainable white LED

Osram Safeguards LED Road Luminaires with High Overvoltage Protection

Ever more towns, cities and local councils are upgrading their road lighting to LED, thereby significantly cutting power overheads

The World’s First White Lasers

More luminous and energy efficient than LEDs, white lasers look to be the future in lighting and Li-Fi, or light-based wireless communication

Golden A’Design Award 2015

Vosla receveid the design award for filament LED bulb

Next-generation Illumination Using Silicon Quantum Dot-based White-blue LED

A Si quantum dot (QD)-based hybrid inorganic/organic light-emitting diode (LED) that exhibits white-blue electroluminescence has been fabricated by Professor Ken-ichi Saitow (Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development, Hiroshima University), Graduate student Yunzi Xin (Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University), and their collaborators. A hybrid LED is expected to be a next-generation illumination device […]

Everlight Successfully Defeated Nichia’s White LED Patents

In April 2012, Everlight filed for declaratory judgment of invalidity and non-infringement of Nichia’s US patents related to white LEDs, including US Patent Numbers 5998925 and 7531960. These two patents are directed to YAG phosphor being used with blue LED chip to emit white light, and its phosphor concentration. The jury before the US District […]

Toward Methuselah – Long-Living Lighting Devices

Researchers at the Universities of Basel and Valencia have reported important advances in the development of next generation lighting technologies