Sangikyo Launched First Li-Fi Product

technology from Fraunhofer HHI launched in Japan with up to 750 Mbs

Atomically Thin Light-Emitting Device

Transparent semiconductor monolayers for ’invisible’ displays or light-emitting tattoos

Fundamental Limit of Blue LEDs

Core mechanism limits the indium content in indium gallium nitride thin films – the key material for blue light emitting diodes

UV-Light for Rapid Data Transfer

A high-speed near-solar-blind communication link with a data rate of 71 Mbit/s was achieved

More Efficient Perovskite-LED

CVD allows better control of the growth process and the size of the grains

Perovskites for a New Class of LED

Significantly blue-shifted photoluminescence emission by reducing the pore size

Powerful LED Light Source for Fluorescence Illumination

New multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illumination system “Excelitas X-Cite TURBO” for microscopy. It provides with its “LaserLED Hybrid Drive” maximum excitation power for all standard fluorophores in an overall range of 380 to 650 nm.

Quantum-LED Emits Single Photons

Atomically thin quantum light-emitting diodes with single-layer graphene

Porsche 919 Hybrid with New Osram Headlights

State-of-the-art LEDs extend range of the light beam and reduce weight

Manipulating Light Inside Opaque Layers

Light propagating in a layer of scattering nano­particles, shows the principle of diffusion like tea particles in hot water