Opto-electronic Testing for VCSEL Lasers on Wafer Level

NanoTest” station with opto-electronic testing for VCSEL type lasers (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) on wafer level. Optical and electrical qualification of VCSELs at the wafer level helps to differentiate well-working lasers from the ones with mediocre performance. In this way, unnecessary processing of low-quality devices is saved early and possible problems during wafer production will be determined.

Advanced Pulse Synchronization Improves Picosecond Laser Micromachining

High-power picosecond laser series “HyperRapid NXT” that employs advanced pulsing technology to enable micromachining with precision and a minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). Specifically, the laser implements Coherent’s “PulseEQ” technology, which delivers strings of synchronous, invariant pulses on demand from an external trigger signal. This jitter-free, precision triggering and advanced energy control enables system builders […]

Solutions for ps Pulsed Lasers

Innovative turn-key picosecond pulsed laser solutions, the latest of which including the fiber amplified “LDH-P-FA-560” laser head and several new modules in the “VisIR/VisUV” platform series.

Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine for OEM Life Sciences Instrumentation

New family of flexible laser light engines “OBIS CellX” series. It delivers up to four separate laser wavelengths from a single module, thereby lowering the complexity and overall cost of laser integration in multi-wavelength life sciences instruments such as flow cytometers.

Higher Power Nanosecond Lasers Cut Thicker Films, PCBs, and Flex Substrates

New high power ultraviolet (355 nm) and green (532 nm) versions of the popular “AVIA” industrial nanosecond laser family. They extend and improve the performance of microprocessing applications in microelectronics, photovoltaics and related industries.

Jenoptik Laser: New Strategic Alignment

Jenoptik Laser GmbH to reconcile its Jena-based laser business with new market requirements in 2016

VLOC to Integrate with II-VI Optical Systems

II-VI Optical Systems, a California-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated and leading vertically integrated producer of high precision imaging and laser assemblies, is pleased to announce that its Florida-based sister company, VLOC, will become part of II-VI Optical Systems.

New Laser for Computer Chips

First germanium-tin semiconductor laser for silicon chips constructed.

Lens-free Microscope Can Detect Cancer at the Cellular Level

UCLA researchers develop device that can do the work of pathology lab microscopes

Laser Components Expands: New Production Plant for PbS and PbSe Detectors

Laser Components (LC), based in Olching, Germany, has announced the significant expansion of its R&D and production capabilities of IR components: Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the LC Detector Group opened a development division and a production plant for PbS and PbSe detectors. The company invests with a strong focus in IR technologolies. Patrick Paul, general […]