High-end Picosecond Diode Laser Driver

New high-end picosecond diode laser driver “Taiko PDL M1” with the new “Max Power” mode of operation. It allows running existing and new laser heads with increased power.

New Tunable Infrared Laser

Infrared Laser “Carmina”, the world’s first tunable infrared laser that covers the entire IR spectrum from 2 µm to 15 µm. In addition, the laser can be operated in two modes with different spectral bandwidths.

Multi-focal Beam Shaping Optics for Multi-kW Lasers

Optics “quattroXX” for laser beam shaping by splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple focuses (patent pending design). The optics was developed for laser material processing techniques like welding, cladding, brazing based on multi-kW fiber lasers or fiber-coupled lasers.

Flexible VisIR/VisUV Laser Platform

Two new high-powered modules “VisUV-280-560” and “VisUV-295-590” with dual wavelengths output round for the VisIR/VisUV laser platform.

Picosecond Laser Diode Driver

Picosecond driver “Taiko” for laser heads from the new “LDH-I” series to read out and control various operational parameters, including central and current emission wavelength, laser head temperature, repetition rate, as well as an estimation of current output intensity.

Compact CW Laser with 10 mW Output Power at 266 nm

New continuous wave “FQCW266-C” DUV laser emitting 10 mW output power at a wavelength of 266 nm. Based on the proven and patented design of a diode pumped, frequency quadrupled Nd:YVO4 resonator, a new compact model was developed. The size and production cost of the new model were optimized to allow simple integration in OEM systems.

10 kW Fiber Laser for Higher Throughput in Materials Processing

Modular designed, new 10 kW direct diode and fiber-coupled diode laser “HighLight FL10000” that combine innovation and reliability into solutions for industrial materials processing applications.

High-Power Direct-Diode Laser Systems for Laser Cladding

New series “HighLight D” of direct-diode laser series that delivers both high power (4 kW and 8 kW of power at 975 nm) and an increased range of “smart” output beam shapes, making it the ideal source for laser heat treating, cladding, and welding applications – all at faster speeds, greater deposition rates and larger areas.

Green Laser Diode Modules With Low Voltage Supply

New series of green laser diode module with output power of 0.9 mW and 5 mW. Green lasers (520 nm – 530 nm) offer better visual perception compared to red.

Deep Black Foils And Coatings

Deep black coatings and foils, which are well suited to significantly enhance optical components and products. The ultra-black “AcktarBlack” foil substrate coatings are used in aerospace and high tech applications; they are now available also in large quantities, and thus for mass production. “Acktar MaxiBlack” combines the advantages of the “Acktar” coatings technology with those of a polymer foil – ideal for portable devices, mobile phone’s cameras, automotive applications, sensors, receiver, measuring instruments, etc.