Inspecting Matter Using Terahertz Light

New technology for upcoming compact accelerators to use terahertz radiation in science

Optical Communication at Record-High Speed

Soliton frequency combs allow to transmit data at rates of more than 50 terabits per second

First 3D Printing of Glass

Transparency, thermal stability and resistance to acids opens up allows optics, data transmission, biotech applications

Higher Quality for STED-Images

New fluorescence microscopy method with suppressed background

Record for Perovskite / CIGS Tandem Solar Module

Efficiency of 17.8 % – first-ever to surpass that of single perovskite and CIGS modules

Quantum Photonic Circuit with an Electrically Driven Light Source

Practical device for the scalable integration of single-photon sources

Photon Upconversion With MOFs

Metal-organic frameworks open up new possibilities for solar cells and LEDs

3D Direct Laser Writes AFM Probes

Two-photon polymerization as a tool to fabricate probes for atomic force microscopy

Ultracompact Photodetector

Smallest plasmonic device worldwide for optical data transmission

Light for Faster Computer Chips

Waveguide with integrated carbon nanotubes for conversion of electric signals into light