Quantum Chaos Improves Laser Performance

New approach to suppress spatiotemporal instabilities using wave-chaotic or disordered cavities

A Room Temperature Maser to Amplify Weak Signals

Radiation is generated by optically exciting nitrogen vacancy centers in a diamond

Stopping Electrons With Light

Researchers created a radiation reaction by colliding an intense laser beam with a high-energy beam of electrons

Squeezing Light Into Tiny Channels

New method allows photons to interact more strongly over a short distance

Way to More Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

Uncovered mechanism shows how superoxides attack perovskite material

Plasmons for New Light Sources

Theory for a new form of light by binding light to a single electron

Watching Apoptosis in 3D

Zebrafish visualized live to map FRET biosensor activity in space and time

Fast Imaging Reveals Molecular Changes Involved in Vision

Tracking of the basic reaction of a protein responding to light