EPIC Event on Photonics Testing

Review: Attendees from all over the world at brand new Yelo facility in Belfast

Ultra-Fast Graphene Pho­ton­ics for Next Gen­er­a­tion Data­comms

Graphene Flagship’s photonics devices give a glimpse into the future of data communications

Optik & Photonik 4/2017 October

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 4/2017 Fisba is a leading supplier for customized optical components and systems for life sciences applications. The company is a specialist for all questions starting from custom design, followed by prototype production and ending with larger scale production. Everything is done efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. Editorial […]

Record for Perovskite / CIGS Tandem Solar Module

Efficiency of 17.8 % – first-ever to surpass that of single perovskite and CIGS modules

Compact Lens-free Digital Microscope

The on-chip microscope is suited for large field-of-view live imaging at micrometer resolution

From Lab into Market

EU industrial leadership gets boost through launch of three advanced pilot lines in photonics

Teraboard: Opti­cal Inter­posers for Multi-Chip Mod­ule Appli­ca­tions

EC project develops ultra-low power, high bandwidth density data communication for server and packet processing boards of data centers

Compact Wavelength-Division Multiplexing CMOS Silicon Photonics Transceiver

A 4x20Gb/s wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver paves the way to cost-effective, high-density single-mode optical fiber links