Large Format Infrared Detectors on a Satellite

Earth observation mission captures chemical make-up of objects through powerful hyperspectral imager

Stemmer Imaging Goes Hyper­spectral

Acquisition of stakes in Perception Park, an innovative hyperspectral imaging software provider

Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones

Leightweight, low-cost, 3-D printed imagers is useful for drone-based land and ocean mapping

Hyperspectral Camera to Fly on ESA’s Next Cubesat

HyperScout instrument to be launched on 2 February aboard GomX-4B nanosatellite

Specim Secures a € 3.5 M Investment by Bocap

Aim: double its current € 10 M revenues by 2020.

India to Enter Domain of Hyperspectral Imaging from Orbit

ISRO develops detector array for the Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite HySIS

Hyperspectral Imaging for 100-% Inspection of Surfaces and Films

Integrated HSI solution implements the potential of the technology into reliable hard- and software

Imaging System Detects Gas Leaks

Infrared device enables reliable monitoring under a range of environmental conditions

Higher Gain for Photonic Devices

New light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data

iPhone as Hyperspectral Camera

New mobile applications for environmental sensing and observation from vehicles and drones