Multicolor Holography for Compact 3D Displays

Lens-free holography method could bring color 3D displays to augmented reality glasses and smartphones

Six-Color Holographic Color Print

Holographic colour prints can provide enhanced security in anti-counterfeiting applications

Nanoparticles for Holographic Data Storage

Holograms with high stability even under the destructive UV-irradiation

Ultrafast X-Ray-Holography

With laser light, scientists create first X-ray holographic images of viruses

Nano-Ink for Glowing Holograms

New approach enables the fabrication of custom holograms by means of a inkjet printer

Stretchable Holograms Switch Between Multiple Images

Metasurfaces on stretchable substrates can serve as reconfigurable optical devices

Holograms in a Metasurface

This advancement could be used for anti-fraud protection and entertainment

New Approach to 3D Holographic Displays

Prototype performs more than 2,600 times better than existing 3D holographic displays

New Device for Holographic Images

Prototype consists of millions of tiny silicon nanopillars

See-Through Holographic 3D-Display

New approach for head-up displays, smart-glasses and head-mounted displays