Hyperspectral Quantum Dot Sensor

Monolithic integration of a CMOS integrated circuit with graphene and PbS nanocrystals

Silicon Nanosheets for New Photodetectors

Embedded in a polymer, the nanocomposites are protected against oxidation

Graphene for Better Terahertz-Control

Possible application for telecommunication and imaging of biological molecules

World’s Thinnest Photodetector

2D technology uses molybdenum disulfide sandwiched in graphene

Electrons Behave Like Light

Electrons mimic light in graphene and may enable new low power electronics

New Class of Flexible Photodetectors

Photo-thermionic effect in vertical graphene heterostructures to harvest low-energy photons

New Realms of Light-Matter Interaction

Some “forbidden” light emissions are in fact possible, could enable new sensors and light-emitting devices

Graphene-Based Optoelectronics

Silicon–graphene plasmonic Schottky photodetector shows high responsivity and avalanche photogain

Brighter Flexible Lighting Devices

Bright, flexible and foldable lighting devices with functionalised graphene electrodes

New Way to Control Particle Motions on 2-D Materials

Study points the way to new photonic devices with one-way traffic lanes