FutureAM – Next Generation Metal Additive Manufacturing

Cooperation platform strengthens German market position

High-Performance Laser-Coated Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

Optimized cladding process at Bosch Rexroth factory location

Laser Expert Awarded with Materials Science and Technology Prize

Head of Center for Advanced Micro-Photonics reckognized by Federation of European Materials Societies

Murea Provides Quick and Large-Scale Laser Applications

Combined laser remote system, spindle drives and high performance beam source

Hyperspectral Imaging for 100-% Inspection of Surfaces and Films

Integrated HSI solution implements the potential of the technology into reliable hard- and software

Smart Laser Processing Heads in the Digital Age

Systems assist the operator in performing complex manufacturing tasks and improve product quality

New Processes for Innovative Lightweight Design

Laser-remote cutting technique for metallic foam, CFRP or GFRP

3D-Printing Tomorrow’s World

Fraunhofer IWS and TU Dresden inaugurated the Center for Additive Manufacturing Dresden

Fraunhofer IWS Collaborates with SIMTech

Research partnership in the fields of laser-based additive manufacturing and diamond-like hard coating

Review: 10th Laser Conference Jena

250 attendees discussed advanced laser systems technology, laser functionalization and laser-based AM