Machine Control to User

Smart system for mobile devices in manufacturing by Mitsubishi Electric and Fraunhofer IPT

Cost Efficiency Coupled with High Productivity

High-speed, environmentally friendly laser structuring for tools used in metal foil manufacture

More Control of Laser-Assisted Tape Winding Systems

Project ambliFibre improves production of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic components.

Mirphab: Sensor Boutique for Early Adopters

Pilot line for tailor-made spectroscopy solutions

The Light That Brightens the Lives of Premature Babies

New optical diagnostic system protects premature babies from brain damage

Wafer-Thin, Unbreakable and Flexible Ceramic and Glass

Five Fraunhofer institutes collaborate in research project CeGlaFlex

Optics for High Performance Laser Systems

MaGeoOptik project develops new processes for fused silica and diamond optics

Fraunhofer – University of Twente Center Opening

Project Center for Design and Production Engineering for Complex High-Tech Systems adjacent to innovation campus

The Future of Optics Production

Joint study aims to attain a detailed overview of future trends for efficient manufacturing of optical components

Adaptive Production Technology for More Efficient Jet Engines

A multistage blisk was manufactured by utilizing a new adaptive process chain