High-Precision Fusion Splicing

Using CO2 laser system developed by Nyfors, CeramOptec and Fraunhofer IOF

Measures to Deal with Space Junk

Tracking debris in the Earth’s orbit with centimeter precision using efficient laser technology

Positive Evaluation for National Photonics Labs

Science Council of German Federal Government recommends million-strong research infrastructure in Jena

Green Photonics Junior Award 2017 for Innovative Theses

Green Photonics innovation cluster launched by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft presents annual award

Infrared 3D Scanner: Fast and Accurate

Device with a resolution of one million pixels and real-time data processing enables numerous applications

Compound Eyes for Industry and Smartphone

Camera lens partitioned into 135 tiny facets, similar to the eyes of insects

Review: 10th Laser Conference Jena

250 attendees discussed advanced laser systems technology, laser functionalization and laser-based AM

New Partnership between Rochester and Jena

Memorandum of Understanding signed

New Actuator Concept for Adaptive Optics

PI and Fraunhofer IOF contribute to XAO mirror system for the E-ELT

A New Generation of Fiber Lasers

By exploring new physical effects the brilliance of fiber lasers can be increased considerably