Lasers Conquer Large-Scale Manufacturing

Review: AKL’18

Three Finalists – Inno­vation Award Laser Tech­nology 2018

Winners announced during award ceremony as part of the International Laser Technology Congress AKL’18

Fast and Ultra-Precise: Processing Optics with Laser Beam Figuring

Ablative process for the ultra-precise machining enables complete process chain for the laser-based optics production

Preview: AKL’18

02 – 04 May, Aachen, Germany

FutureAM – Next Generation Metal Additive Manufacturing

Cooperation platform strengthens German market position

Powder on Demand: Rapid-Powder-Switch

Use of new device saves up to fifty percent of powder for laser metal deposition

Blueprints for Next Generation SLM Systems

Research with different laser- and optical systems

Green Light for New 3D Printing Process

Additive manufacturing of copper materials using selective laser melting with green light

Lasers for Urban Mining

Reverse production to recover more valuable materials than shredding and pyrometallurgical processes

EHLA Is Ready for Series Production

Coating large-area components with extreme high-speed laser deposition welding