Functional Thin-Film Structures for Integrated Radar Sensors

RadarGlass: Three partners are developing a technology for the integration of radar sensors in front headlamps

Blue OLED on Silicon Sensor Detects Phosphorescence

Applications ranging from oxygen detection gaseous environments to multi-parameter measurements in liquids

Better Micropatterning for OLEDs

New method might eliminate the use of color filters and shadow masks in the future

Coating Free-Form Surfaces of Large Optical Components

The optical functions of the multilayer systems can be adapted locally

More Economical Detectors for the NIR Region

New generation of OLED-on-silicon

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

Fraunhofer FEP and Sefar developed a roll-to-roll processed large area flexible OLED

Wafer-Thin, Unbreakable and Flexible Ceramic and Glass

Five Fraunhofer institutes collaborate in research project CeGlaFlex

Flexible OLED Electrodes from Graphene

New high-tech material is ideal for touch screens, photovoltaic, wearables and much more

Flexible OLEDs Glowing from First European Open Access Pilot Line

Producing up to 15 m long OLED-stripes with an efficiency higher than 30 lm/W and with nearly 100 % yield

Cell-Compatible OLEDs for Use with Patients

Cytocompatibility studies of OLEDs have been carried out on cell cultures