Wide-Field Multiphoton Imaging

New method for tissue imaging could allow a more detailed and earlier diagnosis of cancer

New Microscope for Optogenetics

Innovative method provides more than 100 times larger field of view for studying brain activity

FMT Imaging Proves Accurate and Sensitive in Deep Tissue Regions

Study to assess sensitivity and accuracy of µCT-FMT under realistic in vivo conditions

Cheaper Bioimaging of In-Vivo Interactions

Single-pixel detection method combined with a mathematical sampling technique

Combined Spectroscopy and Microscopy for Materials Science

Fiber coupling sample holder for the modular, time-resolved spectrometer “FluoTime 300” such that the device can be interfaced to a microscope such as the “MicroTime 100”. Such a combined set-up allows users to easily record time-, space-, and spectrally resolved luminescence spectra from any sample mounted in the microscope.

Automation in Time-resolved Spectroscopy

Software upgrade for the time-resolved modular “FluoTime 300” fluorescence spectrometer that makes it possible to interface it with external accessories, such as the liquid handling automation workstation “Biomek NXP” from Beckman-Coulter.

Tractor Beam Catches Bacteria

New procedure for use in superresolution fluorescence microscopy

Higher Resolution for Fluorescence Microscopes

Light-sheet technology to see biological interactions in living cells

Powerful LED Light Source for Fluorescence Illumination

New multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illumination system “Excelitas X-Cite TURBO” for microscopy. It provides with its “LaserLED Hybrid Drive” maximum excitation power for all standard fluorophores in an overall range of 380 to 650 nm.

New Protein for Superresolution Microscopy

Reversibly photoswitchable fluorescent molecule delivers high contrast ratio in live-cells