Ursula Keller Receives European Inventor Award 2018

EPO honors Swiss physicist for her pioneering contributions to laser technology

Optoelectronics Without Glass

New plasmonic modulator made of a single layer of gold using a substrate-independent process

A Center for Atomic-Scale Components

ETH Zurich and KIT to develop new types of integrated circuits for communications networks

City Model Created from Images Alone

New technology combines millions of images and videos into a 3D, living model of a city

Way to Cheaper Dual Frequency Combs

New technology allows to produce a complete spectrogram in less than a thousandth of a second

Graphene for Better Terahertz-Control

Possible application for telecommunication and imaging of biological molecules

2D Materials for Better Optoelectronics

New theoretical framework to quantify how transparent a 2D material is

Near-Thresholdless Laser Works at Room Temperature

New semiconductor laser up to 1000 × more energy-efficient than devices currently in use