MATISSE Instrument Sees First Light on ESO’s VLTI

“Most powerful interferometric instrument ever at mid-infrared wavelengths”

Extreme Mirror Casting

First of ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope main mirror segments successfully cast at Schott

O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide

ESO Signs Contract for ELT Guide Star Laser Sources with Toptica / MPBC Guidestar Alliance

Optical Systems Capture Colliding Neutron Stars

First “multi-messenger event” in gravitational waves, light and gamma rays reveals heavy elements production

Guide Star Alliance receives OSA Engineering Award

Project led by Toptica recognized with Paul F. Forman Team Award

Cutting-Edge Adaptive Optics Facility Sees First Light

MUSE resolves finer details and detects fainter stars than previously possible

PI Supplies Drive Technology for ELT

Physik Instrumente signed contract with ESO for supplying actuators for world’s largest telescope

Mirror, Mirror on the Truck …

… who is the largest convex one of all? The ESO E-ELT’s 4-meter M2 mirror!

Alpao to Supply Deformable Mirror for E-ELT

Mirror for Observatoire de Paris with more than 3,000 actuators that move at kHz rate

Sodium Guide Star (R)Evolution

Novel guide star laser enables next-generation adaptive optics for ground-based astronomy