Breast Screening to End Unnecessary Biopsies

New mammographic imaging system determines benign or malignant breast lesions

Developing Ultralow Loss, High-Power Photonics

CEA-Leti development for quantum computing, imaging, sensing, communication, and clocks

Scintil Raises € 4 M in First-Round Funding

Funds will enable fabless company to accelerate industrialization of its technology and product development program

Evaluating Lidar in Real-World Conditions

Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles

Accelerating Market Adoption of Lens-Free Microscopes

Leti and Cellmic valorize their diagnostics and biomedical sensing technology

Curved Sensors for Imaging Applications

Leti’s curving technology Pixcurve for optical equipment improves performance and reduces cost and size

A Lens-Free Point-Of-Care System

Leti presents new microscope technology that allows diagnosing spinal meningitis without manual cell counting

CMP Becomes Broker for European Mid-Infrared Technologies

Mirphab pilot line in the leadership of MIR sensor prototyping

LETI Names New CEO

Technology and strategic business leader Emmanuel Sabonnadiere to guide Leti in digital era

Benno Oderkerk Elected President of EPIC

Co-Founder and CEO of Avantes brings to the association his experience of growing a company