Quantum Initiative Starts with Optical Single-Ion Clock

Qutega pilot project Opticlock has been launched in May

First 3D Printing of Glass

Transparency, thermal stability and resistance to acids opens up allows optics, data transmission, biotech applications

From the Fundamentals to a Product

International consortium investigates innovative approach to third harmonic generation

More Road Safety with New Automotive Lighting

Dazzle for oncoming drivers is reliably prevented

New CFO at Trumpf Laser

Dr. Lutz Aschke appointed Chief Financial Officer for Trumpf’s Laser Technology / Electronics division

Biophotonic Technologies for Tissue Repair

Laser-assisted wound closure for oral and maxillofacial surgery

Compostable, Printable Electronics

“Biolicht” BMBF Young Investigator Group of KIT develops sustainable printing materials and inks for biodegradable electronic components

Printing Implants with the Laser

Scientists at the LZH have established a highly automated laser melting process to produce or coat implants made of platinum, nickel-titanium or stainless steel.

Political Steering Processes in Asia Aiming the Photonics Industry

New Market Study conducted by Spectaris, VDMA and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

One Arc, Two Wires and a Laser

HoDopp: high power deposition welding