4JET Acquires Tire Inspection Business

Hennecke Systems transfers product line TIS

It’s a Sony!

Sony presents concept car at CES featuring evolved imaging and sensing technologies

Preview: EPIC Meeting on LIDAR for Automotive

30 – 31 October, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Modular OLED Light Strips

Fraunhofer FEP presented customized strips at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting

Automated Manufacture of Lidar Systems

Low-cost solid-state system for the automotive industry

Striving for 25 Gbps Automotive Communication Standard

A team from the industry drives the 25 Gbps and higher standards in automotive communication networks

Laser Technology Enables The Battery Cell of Tomorrow

With the aid of laser technology, TU München is researching new battery materials and cell types.

Perfect Visibility for Drivers

New light source brings freedom of design and added safety

Blickfeld Scores with Lidar

Company wins Germany’s highest-endowed start-up prize against 1,200 participants

Multi-functional Laser Tools

Cutting, welding and additive manufacturing with one laser in one machine