Supervisory Board Change at DMG Mori

At its 116th annual general meeting of shareholders, DMG Mori AG welcomed approximately 450 shareholders. Thus some 88 percent of the share capital were represented. The shareholders voted with a clear majority to adopt the resolutions proposed by the executive board and supervisory board. The executive board and supervisory board were approved for financial year 2017 by a large majority. Subsequently, the supervisory board today voted Dr. Eng. Masahiko Mori as its chairman. He succeeds Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner, who retires from the board on the best terms.

New chairman of the supervisory board: Dr. Eng. Masahiko Mori has been elected Chairman of the supervisory board following the 116th annual general meeting of shareholders of DMG Mori AG. (Source: DMG Mori)

Masahiko Mori has been the president of DMG Mori Co. Ltd. since 1999, which holds an indirect investment of 76.03 percent in DMG Mori AG according to its latest voting rights notification. The chairman of the executive board, Christian Thönes, expressed his delight at the appointment of Dr. Mori as chairman of the supervisory board and at continuing their trustful and successful cooperation.

The supervisory board of DMG Mori AG comprises six members elected by the annual shareholders’ meeting and six members elected by the employees. As part of the regular cycle of elections to the supervisory board, the appointment of all supervisory board members ended that day. The new chairman of the supervisory board, Masahiko Mori, has been a member of the supervisory board since November 2009. The re-elected shareholder representatives include Ulrich Hocker, Irene Bader, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Denkena and Prof. Dr. Annette Köhler. James Victor Nudo has been elected as a new member. The US citizen is president of DMG Mori USA Inc., a subsidiary of DMG Mori Co. Ltd. The employees’ representatives were elected to the supervisory board on 6th March, 2018. Of these, Mario Krainhöfner, Tanja Fondel and Dietmar Jansen were re-elected, new members are Larissa Schikowski, Michaela Schroll and Stefan Stetter.

On behalf of the entire executive board, Christian Thönes thanks the departing members of the supervisory board for the previous constructive and open dialogue. (Source: DMG Mori)



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