Succession Plan at Laser Components Canada

The CEOs of the Laser Components group (Source: Laser Components)

The CEOs of the Laser Components group (Source: Laser Components)

The story of Laser Components Canada began more than a decade ago. It was a time when it was difficult to obtain start-up capital from banks in connection with optoelectronics after so many people lost their money with the big bang in the telecommunications industry.

The German company Laser Components invested in and reached an agreement with the Canadian, Paul Rainbow, to found a company to develop and manufacture pulsed laser diodes. Laser Components GmbH provided the capital and an inter- nationally operating sales network; Paul Rainbow provided the know-how, decades of personal experience, and the most important factor: a team that works well together! Now, 13 years and several million laser diodes later, Mr. Rainbow will be passing the reins as the general manager of a successful and economically sound company to Jeff Britton, who is a member of the original founding team and has been responsible for production from the very beginning.

Paul Rainbow will be with the company for the coming years as chairman of the board and will take care of special development projects.

Links: LASER COMPONENTS GmbH, Olching, Germany

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