Strategic Partnership for Dual Camera Technologies

Corephotonics, the leading licensor of dual camera technologies, has partnered with China’s leading camera module integrator, Sunny Optical, to bring to market a variety of advanced imaging solutions based on the company’s dual camera technol­ogies. The new offerings pack dual camera modules, image processing algorithms and computer vision software for superior image quality and user experience. Under this agreement, Sunny has already shipped millions of dual camera solutions powered by Corephotonics IP to various smartphone OEMs, including Xiaomi, OPPO and others.

Sunny Optical dual camera module (Source: Corephotonics)

The new partnership combines Sunny’s auto­matic manu­fac­tu­ring capa­city, advanced quality control and opti­cal devel­opment capabil­ities with Core­photonics’ uncea­sing inno­vation in optics, camera mechanics and com­pu­ta­tio­nal ima­ging. Offe­ring a variety of solutions, this partner­ship addres­ses a broad span of devi­ces, from the most advanced, high quality dual cameras for flag­ship smart­phones, down to mid-range photo­graphy solu­tions for moder­ately priced mobile devices. This stra­tegic license agree­ment covers various dual camera products, inclu­ding typical wide plus tele cameras, as well as various folded dual camera offe­rings, allowing an increa­sed zoom factor, optical stabilization and a reduced module height.

The partnership allows Sunny to act as a one-stop-shop dual camera vendor, providing customized dual camera designs in combi­nation with well-optimized software features. The collabo­ration leverages Sunny’s manufac­turing lead and strong presence in the Chinese dual-camera market, in combination with Core­photonics’ inno­vation in camera designs and computa­tional photo­graphy algorithms, to create a powerhouse of cutting-edge mobile imaging products and services.

“Sunny Optical has the powerful optical development capability and automatic lean manufac­turing capacity. We have experimented with virtually all dual camera innovations introduced in recent years, and have found Core­photonics dual camera technol­ogies to have the greatest contribution in camera performance and user experience. Just as important is the compliance of their dual camera archi­tecture with high volume production and harsh environ­mental require­ments,” said Cerberus Wu, Senior Marketing Director of Sunny Optical.

“We are deeply impressed by Sunny’s dual camera manufacturing technologies, clearly setting a new benchmark in the thin camera industry,” added Eran Briman, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Corephotonics. “The dual camera modules produced under this collaboration present smartphone manufacturers with the means to distinguish their handsets from those of their rivals through greatly improved imaging capabilities, as well as maximum flexibility and customizability.” (Source: Corephotonics)

Links: Corephotonics, Tel Aviv, IsraelSunny Optical Technology Co., Ltd, Zhejiang, China


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