Specialty Optics and Coatings

#OP399_SAC_GruppeThe FAC lenses (Fast Axis Collimation) feature beyond-average collimation quality and transmission. Individual solutions adapted to customer systems ensure optimum results and guarantee consistently high quality in both small and large production runs.

In addition, the company offers SAC lenses for single emitters and laser diode bars with a wide selection of focal distances and different pitches for diode bar solutions. These lenses are also available in aspheric form to enhance efficient beam formation.

The FISBA Beam Twister (FBT) is used for the generation of an almost symmetrical beam profile of the laser diode bars. The coupling of the new, improved element is up to 3% more efficient. When using appropriate focusing optics, the laser output can be coupled with an efficiency of more than 85% using a 400 µm fiber, or with an efficiency of more than 75% using a 200 µm fiber. Customer-specific adaptations of pitch, filling factor, wavelength etc. are available on request.

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