SmartCameras Raising Traffic Safety in Canada

Canadian province of Ontario continuing traffic safety program with Jenoptik (Source: Jenoptik)

Canadian province of Ontario continuing traffic safety program with Jenoptik (Source: Jenoptik)

One of the largest and most successful programs intended to improve traffic safety in North America is being continued and expanded with support from Jenoptik. A new contract between the Jenoptik subsidiary Traffipax LLC and the City of Toronto, the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, will continue ten years of successful cooperation from 2017 onwards. The contract was signed in June and will run for a period of five years starting on January 1, 2017. It also includes an optional extension for another five years. Negotiations will be started soon with seven other municipalities in Canada’s Ontario province.

In the City of Toronto, Jenoptik will install 79 new digital camera systems for red-light monitoring until the end of this year. Under the new series of agreements, the scope of supply is expected to increase to about 250 systems with the other municipalities participating. These systems will be used for replacing existing sites as well as for establishing additional ones. The contract value for the first five years totals an amount in the mid double-digit million euro range.

Already ten years ago, Jenoptik had been awarded a contract for the existing program in the Greater Toronto Area, establishing and operating more than 200 red-light systems which will now be modernized. This extensive program still runs until the end of December 2016, and is operated out of Traffipax’ location in Toronto.

“Our combination of optical technologies, software, operation and service allows us to offer our customers complete solutions for more traffic safety. The new order reflects the confidence of our Canadian partners in the competence of Jenoptik”, stated Jenoptik President & CEO Michael Mertin.

The new red-light monitoring systems will start operation on January 1, 2017. The camera systems will be manufactured at the main location of Jenoptik’s Traffic Solutions division in Monheim. Traffipax LLC will again take care of installation, operation and service. Apart from this, Jenoptik will provide the software for a modern and centralized back office which will enable employees authorized to exercise government authority to evaluate the incidents captured.

They will use an Ontario-specific variant of the latest digital red-light monitoring systems of the TraffiStar SR520 type, allowing a combination of speed and red-light monitoring at intersections. The systems work on the basis of proven induction loops which are embedded in the roadway. They allow monitoring up to four traffic lanes at a time. All systems will be equipped with SmartCameras designed and manufactured by Jenoptik which can take high-resolution images and capture at least two pictures to document incidents occurring at an intersection. (Source: Jenoptik)

Link: Jenoptik Traffic Solutions, Monheim, Germany

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