Route des Lasers Attracts New Firms

The Route des Lasers, a competitiveness cluster exclusively for photonics companies, announced the membership to its roster of three newly created advanced technology firms early December: Moria Lase, Irisiome and Spark Lasers have each set up photonics activities in the Aquitaine region. A fourth, FemtoEasy, focused on ultra-fast metrology, is scheduled to join the cluster in January 2016.

Aquitaine has one of Europe’s highest concentrations of scientific expertise in photonics, which represents fifteen percent of the national turnover in photonics, according to a French government agency study of the photonics market in France, 2014. It holds the number one spot for the French region with the highest budget dedicated to research and innovation.

The Route des Lasers, which encompasses close to 120 companies, leverages these assets to attract entrepreneurs developing light-based technologies. Early stage companies focused on light-based technologies are offered structural support to facilitate growth. They find business opportunities for further development through the Route des Laser’s many inter-cluster and international collaborations, such as its recent partnership with the French tech hubs located in San Francisco and Boston, USA.

“The arrival of Moria Lase, Irisiome, Spark Lasers and soon FemtoEasy attest to Aquitaine’s strength in the photonic and optics sector. During the last decade, we have helped create or locate close to sixty companies in the optics photonics sector,” said Hervé Floch, general manager of the Route des Lasers. “It is a clear illustration of the Route des Lasers’ driving capacity to bring forth innovative technologies and support those businesses using them. We are excited about the potential and growth opportunities of our new cluster members targeting medical applications and other emerging photonics markets.”

Moria Lase, a subsidiary of the Moria group, specializes in manufacturing medico-surgical and dental material based on using pulsed IR-laser technology. Led by François Salin, former chairman of Eolite Lasers and the Center for Intense Lasers and Applications CELIA, Moria Lase has opened an R&D center at the Institut d’Optique near Bordeaux.

Irisiome also conducts business in the medical field. Its founder, Romain Royon, developed a laser system at CELIA. This laser system can be tuned to certain wavelengths that will principally be used for applications in dermatology. Irisiome won the i-Lab ‘Emerging Companies’ award in 2014 and the i-Lab ‘Creation-Development’ award in 2015.

Spark Lasers develops and manufactures innovative picosecond lasers tailored for industrial and scientific applications. These new generation ultrafast lasers provide attractive cost-effective solutions to users needing high performance, highly reliable, compact and rugged products. Spark Lasers is led by Pascal Bupriez, who until recently headed the laser sources and fiber components department of Alphanov, the technology center of the Route des Lasers cluster.

FemtoEasy is a spin-off of the CELIA laboratory in Bordeaux, which has strong expertise in high-energy ultra-short pulses production and metrology. The company brings new advantages to ultra high-energy laser systems. (Source: RdL / ALA)

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