RoHS and REACH Compliant Deep Black Coatings

The EU Directive RoHS (Restriction of [the use of certain] Hazardous Substances) applies for substance in electric and electronic devices. restricts the use of some dangerous substances. They direct a maximum content of 0.01% of hexavalent chromium (Cr+6, “black chromium”) in all parts and components of the devices. As to summer 2019, the restrictions are successively extended to all electronic products. Likewise, the EU directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) for the protection of human health and the environment restricts the use of hexavalent chromium compounds. RoHS and REACH are far from being a topic only for large companies; the legal provisions are no less strict for SMEs either.

The deep‐black inorganic, non‐toxic and non‐outgassing coatings and foils offer an outstanding RoHS and REACH compliant alternative to black chromium coatings, which, additionally, possess better optical properties. The coatings are applicable to a large number of substrates, have a high level of heat stability (–269 °C to +350 °C) and are applicable in a wide spectral range (UV to IR). In optics and photonics applications they fulfil the toughest requirements with regard to light absorption and residual reflection, including under 1st class vacuum and cleanroom conditions.

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