Reflective Optics for Broadband Performance

“TECHSPEC” Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders (Mark I) for UV, IR, broadband, and ultrafast lasers.

Beam shaping optics for these non-visible lasers are difficult to find, as conventional transmissive optics are highly wavelength dependent and can suffer from dispersion. Broadband components or those designed for a specific non-visible wavelength can also be costly. The new beam expanders provide a flexible and elegant solution to this problem. They are based on a modified Cassegrain mirror design that is completely reflective, offering broadband performance virtually free from chromatic and spherical aberration. The all-reflective design enables these beam expanders to be used with a variety of lasers including tunable, ultraviolet, and ultrafast sources ranging from 250 nm to 10 μm. The precision diamond-turned surfaces provide great performance with minimal wavefront distortion and the monolithic design ensures performance and stability independent of changes in temperature. In addition a variety of integrated design elements, including reflective flats, thread holes and thru-holes, simplify alignment, mounting, and integration into any laser application. The beam expanders are available in 2×, 3×, and 5× magnifications, along with coating options for the Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared spectra.

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