Raman Spectroscopy: Research on the Tip

ICORS poster prize ceremony: Kangwon Kim (Sogang U.), Annika Düver (Leibniz IPHT), Charlie Farber (Texas A&M U.), and Ankit Raj (N. Chiao Tung U.; source: ICORS)

Microscopes let us peer into cells and the biochemical processes inside them. Processes taking place on much smaller scales, e.g. within single molecules, are the research focus of Dr. Marie Richard-Lacroix. The scientist from the Leibniz Insitute of Photonic Technology Jena and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena examines molecules on the nanometre scale using tip-enhances Raman spectroscopy. For her outstanding research work she was awarded the “Raman Award for the Best Junior Researcher” during the 26th International Conference on Raman spectroscopy, ICORS, in Jeju, Korea.

Since 2016, Richard-Lacroix is working in the group of Volker Deckert at the University of Jena and at the Leibniz-IPHT, studying tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS). The light-based method provides not only information on the chemical constituents of a sample, it furthermore delivers an extremely high spatial resolution. The chemist uses the gained data in order to explain molecular reaction mechanisms. “Jena stands out internationally as a distinguished place for optics and spectroscopy. The interdisciplinary research focus, excellent lab equipment and the very good network of cooperation partners are ideal circumstances for me to further my research”, explains the native Canadian why she decided to come to Jena after her graduation.

The number and quality of her scientific publications are as impressive as the numerous awards which the young scientist acquired. “Furthermore, Marie is a valued partner for scientific discussions in my research group and she also gets involved with teaching. I am very happy with her awarding of the esteemed “Raman Award”. It is an important step on the path to an independent scientific career, which I am happy to support”, says Deckert.

Chairs of ICORS 2018, professors Young Mee Jung (Kangwon NU, l.) and Dongho Kim (Yonsei U., r.) present the 2018 Raman Award for the Best Junior Researcher to Dr. Marie Richard-Lacroix is working in the group of Prof. Volker Deckert of Leibniz IPHT (Source: ICORS)

And a second award comes to Jena: Annika Düver, who researches in the line with her doctoral thesis at the Leibniz-IPHT was rewarded for her poster on “Micro­bio­logical Uptake of Hydrogen and Release of Nitrogen – Moni­tored by Raman Gas Spectro­scopy” during the confe­rence.

The 26th International Conference on Raman spectro­scopy was held from 26th to 31st August 2018 in Jeju, Korea. Since 2014, “Raman Awards” are given to leading scientist for their out­stan­ding work on Raman spectro­scopy. Further recipients this year include Prof. Sanford A. Asher, Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh (Raman Lifetime Award), as well as Charlie Farber, Texas A&M Univer­sity, USA, and Ankit Raj, Natio­nal Chiao Tung Univer­sity, Taiwan, with poster prizes, respec­tively. (Source: Leibniz IPHT)

Link: The 26th International Conference on Raman spectroscopy, XXVI ICORS, c/o Genicom Co., Ltd., Daejeon, Korea • Nanoscopy Group (V. Deckert), Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien e.V., Jena, Germany

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