Quality Control for Fluorescence-based Systems

Innovative fluorescence quality management solution. Since fluorescence-based systems tend to fluctuate from day to day, i. e. due to instable light sources or other effects, they may provide data which are difficult to reproduce. The new device ensures that the instruments provide precise and reliable data.

This solution allows to monitor the calibration of the fluorescence system, to quantify the bias and to correct it. It consists of a re-usable microscope slide with a fluorescent glass sample which is practically unbleachable due to its inorganic nature. The manufacturer uses an exclusively patented technology to induce fluorescent features into glass. Those patterns can reproduce cell-like features for the characteristics of size and fluorescence intensity that are perfectly known and stable. In combination with the Argolight software “Daybook”, it is possible to monitor and track the performance of the system even over long periods. This enables an easy quality management since imaging errors of the microscope can be detected timely and reproducible, trustworthy microscope images can be acquired.

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