Preview: Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ’16

Stuttgart-Laser-Marketplace-2016June 1, 2016
Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Laser Marketplace seminar is focused on the industrial laser market. Leading experts present their view on markets, technologies and application trends in laser materials processing. The Stuttgart Laser Marketplace attracts industry professionals, decision makers and senior executives across the laser industry, from component manufacturers to system integrators, end users, and investors.

The seminar features presentations on global and regional markets as well as on current technology topics including Industry 4.0 and ultrafast lasers and their applications, and micro materials processing. Dr. Arnold Mayer (Optech Consulting) presents the latest data on the global industrial laser and laser system markets. Klaus Loeffler (Trumpf) reports on how Industry 4.0 will revolutionize laser systems. Dr. Antonio Vendramini (Lasertec) presents an analysis of laser materials processing in Italy and the demand and supply market for laser systems. Three presentations are focused on ultrafast lasers and micro processing applications. Eric Mottay (Amplitudes Systèmes) reports on ultrafast solid-state and fiber lasers and their industrial applications. Frank Gaebler (Coherent) reports on trends in ultrafast micro material processing and presents data comparing the application of pico and femto second lasers. Reinhard Ferstl (Corning Laser Technologies) will talk about innovative laser glass cutting technologies, free form glass cutting employing the nano perforation process, and review applications where significant value can be added.

The Stuttgart Laser Marketplace’16 is being held on Wednesday, 1st June 2016 from 2:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. The conference language is English. The seminar is held at the International Congress Center Stuttgart, ICS, located on the fairground of Neue Messe Stuttgart, in conjunction with the Lasys trade fair and the Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum congress. The Stuttgart Laser Marketplace’16 is organized by Optech Consulting in cooperation with Messe Stuttgart and the Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum. It will be moderated by the editors of Laser Technik Journal. (Source: Optech Cons.)

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