Preview: SLT 2018 – Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum

Highlights and innovations in the field of industrial laser based manufacturing will bring together experts and users at the tenth Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT), organized by the Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge IFSW, taking place in conjunction with the international trade fair for laser material processing, Lasys, at the trade fair center Stuttgart.

(Source: Stuttgart University)

The latest developments in ultrafast laser beam sources will be highlighted along with the latest advances in their modulation and in fiber-based beam delivery, optical scanners, systems for massive parallel processing, and high- speed online process diagnostics. In the field of materials processing you will see presentations on fascinating new applications that benefit from the high average powers of modern laser systems.

The mission of the SLT is to address laser technologies for materials processing in a fundamentally scientific and yet comprehensible manner with a strong contribution by international and German research institutions and exemplify the scientific conclusions by presentations on corresponding industrial implementations. The presentations will be held in English and German, with simultaneous translations for all talks. (Source: Stuttgart U.)

Link: Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT), Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW), Universität Stuttgart

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