Preview: Motek and Bondexpo

At the 37th Motek – international trade fair for automation in production and assembly – and the 12th Bondexpo – international trade fair for bonding technologies – the world’s largest offerings for solutions in the field of assembly automation will be showcased. (Source: P.E. Schall)

In 2017, the fields of robotics and automation achieved record-breaking sales in Germany amounting to € 14.5 B – 13 % more than in the previous year. The German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association VDMA is predicting 9 % growth for the industry sector in 2018 for a total of € 15.8 B. Whether human-robot interaction, digital transformation in manufacturing, or assembly with flexible variants and quantities is concerned, as a globally leading trade fair, Motek points out the direction in which the trends are moving in the field of automation in production and assembly. And this of course means more than just scratching the surface of future issues such as HRI and Industry 4.0, but rather thinking them through to the end and presenting them tangibly in the form of practical solutions.

From traditional, semi-automated assembly right on up to fully automated, robot-aided production or assembly systems – there’s a broad ranging scope of requirements and applications and, since production in the future will become more and more closely networked with the virtual data world, handling equipment and robots will have to be equipped with more and more new capabilities. Machine learning is the key word in this respect. Easy-to-operate, flexible systems whose functions can be changed without time-consuming programming aren’t only interesting for established, large-scale users, but rather for small and mid-sized companies as well, for example who are thus able to take advantage of automation without specially qualified personnel. But how do machines, robots, and systems work and communicate with each other and the control system? The trade fair in Stuttgart will also present solutions for interface optimization, bus systems, and all aspects of the OPC UA communication standard to this end, which will provide smart factories with decisive thrust in the months and years to come.

Modern joining technologies must not be short changed as a supplement to the leading assembly trade fair. How components and modules made of high-tech plastics and CFRP, as well as hybrid and composite materials, are efficiently assembled with top quality results is explored in all of its facets at the complementary event Bondexpo. “Bondexpo is the ideal supplement for Motek because it presents innovative bonding solutions for assembly tasks”, says project manager Rainer Bachert. And top specialists are required in the field of bonding technology in order to develop the right chemical formulation and appropriate dosing for the respective application and the materials to be bonded.

Human-robot interaction will support flexible production with small lot quantities and high levels of complexity in the future. The issue of safety at the interface between people and machines won’t be neglected at Motek and Bondexpo: The expert forum on “Safety + Automation” will be held for the second time this year, which was launched with great success in 2017. It will be organized by collaboration partner Pilz. Numerous highly practical presentations will deal with Safety Architecture 4.0, occupational safety legislation, CE processes, and safe human-robot interaction. (Source: P.E. Schall)

Link: Motek – International trade fair for automation in production and assembly, Stuttgart, Germany

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