Preview: Metav 2018

The 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies will show the entire value added chain in an overall organic view. The classical topics are found at the core of the Metav, such as machine tools, production systems, high-precision tools, automated material flows, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories.

Metav will take place from 20 – 24 February in Düsseldorf (Source: Messe Duesseldorf)

This heart of the fair is intrinsically connected with the so-called Areas, which were successfully introduced in 2016. The fair thus represents the reality of modern industrial manufacturing compressed into its grounds. Two areas are dedicated to special topics of production technology, and two others are focused on special industrial sectors.

The Quality Area shows how inseparably measurement technology is connected to industrial manufacturing. These categories are gaining steadily in perceived importance. Not least the measuring and testing technologies involved will become a supporting pillar for smart and big data concepts. The Additive Manufacturing Area, in contrast, illustrates that the corresponding manufacturing processes have firmly established their place in the factories. They are an outstanding complement to classical metalworking that joins in with the entire bandwidth of the process chain – even though mechanical post-processing is required in any case. This is made clear not least by the numerous exhibitors that rely on hybrid machines, i.e. production technology that combines additive with machining manufacturing.

In the Moulding Area, it’s all about tool, mould and model building. Moulding is considered to be one of the most demanding fields of application in metalworking. The standards of precision and quality involved are extremely high, which encourages innovation in this area. Besides conventional processes, new process technologies are always finding their way in, such as laser-based manufacturing for fine texturing of design surfaces. Therefore, the requirements that apply and how they can be solved with innovative production technology are central topics of the Moulding Area.

Events at Metav 2018 include the Industry 4.0 Theme Park, the international symposium “Inside 3D Printing” workshops on quality assurance by the DGQ and DGS and much more.

Link: METAV, Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabrike e.V. (VDW), at Messe Duesseldorf, Germany


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