Preview: International Laser Technology Congress AKL’16

Networking at the sponsors’ exhibition during AKL’14. (Source: Fh. ILT)

Networking at the sponsors’ exhibition during AKL’14. (Source: Fh. ILT)

April 27 – 29, 2016

Conference Center “Eurogress”, Aachen

Laser experts from many different sectors will gather at the International Laser Technology Congress AKL’16, scheduled for April 27-29, 2016 in Aachen. Users, manufacturers and developers can take advantage of the international platform to engage in intensive discussions about the current state and future possibilities of laser technology.

For the 11th time, over seventy laser experts from research and industry will be sharing their insights into the latest techniques, beam sources, developments and trends in laser technology. Technology suppliers and customers benefit from the opportunity to exchange experiences. The organizer of the event, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, is once again expecting over 600 participants. Interested parties can register for AKL’16 as of January 2016; those who register by March 21, 2016 can receive an early booking discount.

AKL’16 kicks off on April 27, 2016 with two new expert forums on the highlighted topics of process control and laser additive manufacturing. Participants have the option here of spending the whole day delving into the process control of various laser methods – exploring everything from low-coherence interferometry and process control in automotive manufacturing to the controlling of welding processes in the plastics industry – or else they can spend their time expanding their know-how in the field of additive manufacturing. Experts from General Electric, GKN Sinter Metals, Plating Solutions, Hamuel Maschinenbau, NWP University and the University of Texas at El Paso will discuss application possibilities for additive methods in industrial practice and provide an overview of the state of the art.

Prof. Poprawe opens the AKL’14 Laser Technology Conference at Eurogress Aachen. (Source: Fh. ILT)

Prof. Poprawe opens the AKL’14 Laser Technology Conference at Eurogress Aachen. (Source: Fh. ILT)

In the Gerd Herziger Session that opens the Laser Technology Conference on April 28, several experts will describe the challenges currently faced by laser technology. Dr. Peter Leibinger, Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG, Thomas Merk, Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., Dr. Mark Sobey, Coherent Inc. and Mike Böttger, Jenoptik AG will discuss laser technology in aviation, the consumer sector and medical engineering and the solutions it offers. In a subsequent panel discussion, these experts will then discuss the prospects for laser technology and its influence on manufacturing technology. On April 28 and 29, some forty speakers from industry and science will also shed light on the current state of laser technology in the categories of laser material processing (macro and micro), and laser beam sources. In addition, all participants of AKL’16 will have the opportunity to make contact with the around fifty AKL’16 sponsors in the exhibition accompanying the conference and to discuss their questions in individual chats.

As part of AKL’16, Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. and the European Laser Institute ELI will be presenting the Innovation Award Laser Technology on April 27, 2016. Endowed with 10,000 euros, the award recognizes outstanding innovations in the development and application of lasers in manufacturing technology. The prize is open to applicants from European industry as well as European universities and R&D centers. Applications may be submitted until January 15, 2016 (see link below).

The International Laser Technology Congress AKL’16 is organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT. Further supporting organizations are the European Commission, the European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC, Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V., the European Laser Institute, OptecNet and the industrial associations Spectaris, VDA, VDMA and VDI.

Laser Technik Journal is – once again – AKL’s prime media partner with the dedicated issue 2/2016 and extensive coverage online and in a subsequent issue.

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