Preview: International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications 2018

It is all about ultraviolet LEDs – manufacturing technologies, novel developments, applications, and trends. Iculta 2018 brings together experts from science and industry to cross-link and to discuss the latest advances in UV LED technologies along with the wide range of emerging applications. The focus is on the deep UV, spotlighting progress in materials, device technologies, UV LED modules and systems up to opportunities and challenges with respect to applications.

UV LED in flip-chip geometry mounted and packaged on an AlN submount (Source: FBH /

Iculta 2018 is jointly organized by Advanced UV for Life, a German consortium led by Ferdinand Braun Institute, and the International Ultraviolet Association as the commercial relevance of UV LEDs is increasing; since the devices are gaining maturity they become more and more attractive for broad industrial use. Increasingly yield efficiencies and output powers making these light sources utilizable for a rising number of applications – new as well as established ones. Thus, it is to be expected that conventional UV light sources are more and more replaced by environmentally friendly LED devices.

For example, the load of microorganisms in water can be reduced by UV light irradiation in the wavelength range of 260 – 280 nm. As a result, chemicals like chlorine and bleach are dispensable. Current UVC LEDs are a proper choice for applications requiring small amounts of liquids to be disinfected. The carrier fluid in a flow cytometric cell sorter, for example, has to be kept germ-free for a long time and must not heat up during sterilization.

Besides improving the optical power and efficiency of the chip itself, packaging is just as important. This is especially true with respect to thermal conductivity, hermeticity, low production costs, and industrial-suited processes. (Source: IUVA)

Link: International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications, 22 – 25 April 2018, Berlin, Germany

Further reading: C. Reble, M. Meineke, J. Rass et al.: No More Sunburn, Optik & Photonik, online 9. February 2018; DOI: 10.1002/opph.201800001 

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