Switzerland’s biggest trade show continues its tradition of showcasing the development and expertise of the high-precision sector, whether watchmaking, microtechnology or medical technology. In April, the number of exhibitors registered was already on a par with 2016.

Tthe EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Show strives to be an unmissable event for high-precision manufacturers, with exhibitors from the worlds of watchmaking and jewellery, microtechnology and medtech. Although the market has become more complex, with various unknown factors, companies in all three sectors see the Show as a high priority.

“The number of exhibitor registrations is already on a par with the same period last year,” says project manager Alexandre Catton. “The 2016 show brought together 881 Swiss and international exhibitors. We see that as the upper limit, because it puts the available space at full capacity, and we want to maintain the same level of quality in our use of the venue.”

Visitor interest remains high: 20,000 professional visitors came to Geneva for the 2016 Show. “Every year, we attract visitors from new countries who want to see what the Show has to offer,” comments Catton. “But it’s not all about the numbers. Visitor quality is also important: their decision-making powers, their ability to make deals and sign contracts. That’s the appeal of our show.”

As always, the organisers will promote developments in the watchmaking and jewellery sector (EPHJ) by holding two panel discussions focused on emerging new materials, innovative processing techniques and the new development model within the Swiss watchmaking industry. The panel discussions will feature leading industry figures, including master watchmaker Dominique Renaud.

Current developments in technology and microtechnology (EPMT) will also be covered in the panel discussions, with exciting debates about developments in 3D printing, the astonishing prospects for 4D printing and new laser technologies. New exhibitors for 2017 include a delegation of six companies from the Japanese region of Greater Nagoya, which specialises in microtechnology.

Over 285 exhibitors from the medical technology segment (SMT) were present in 2016, making the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Show the leading event in Switzerland for the medtech sector. BioAlps and the Inartis Foundation will be hosting an area showcasing Health Valley in Western Switzerland. The life science valley is home to 935 companies, which provide 25,000 jobs, including 5,000 research posts, in a region that is becoming a world leader within the sector. Some of those companies will be exhibitors and there will also be a special Health Valley panel discussion.

As part of their commitment to supporting new young companies, the organisers have created a dedicated space for start-ups with a view to welcoming emerging high-precision companies.

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Show still places a special emphasis on innovation through the Exhibitors Grand Prix 2017, which will be awarded to the most innovative project from the multitude of submissions. (Source: Tema / Dynamics Gr.)

Link: EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Show, Geneva, Switzerland

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