Powerful LED Light Source for Fluorescence Illumination

AHF - Excelitas X-Cite TURBO

AHF – Excelitas X-Cite TURBO

The system enables precise control by balancing illumination intensities between six popular wavelengths to protect samples from photo damage. OEMs and microscopists are able to define the exact bandwidth of light desired to reach its fluorophore for maximum excitation efficiency by selection of corresponding excitation filter. This allows the individual or simultaneous excitation of all fluorophores ranging from DAPI to Cy5, or fluorescence proteins from CFP to mCherry, making it suitable for conducting a variety of live or fixed-cell imaging and detection experiments. The system also features the benefits of LED technology such as long lifetimes, mercury-free operation, virtually zero maintenance and instant on/off capabilities. Additionally, the intensity of each of the six LEDs can be controlled independently via analog signals or PC control interface. –

AHF analysentechnik offers light sources and optical filters from the global market leaders, e. g. CoolLED, Excelitas, Lumencor, Chroma, and Semrock.

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