Position Fiber and Optical Components in up to Six Degrees of Freedom

Two high-precision photonics alignment systems that enable several fibers to be aligned in only seconds. Both systems are based on a very stiff design that consists either of three stacked linear axes (“F-712.MA”), or—if rotary motion is required—a parallel-kinematic hexapod (“F-721.HA”) combined respectively with a nanopositioner.

During production and inspection of components with optical data transmission, it is important to align fibers or fiber arrays for optimum connection with the highest possible accuracy. Position tolerances way under 50 nm are usual and multi-channel inputs require alignment in several axes to optimize coupling of the input and output arrays.

The parallel kinematics and the stacked axes with their motorized drives enable longer travel ranges of a few millimeters for coarse positioning, and at the same time, the “NanoCube” positioner ensures fast scanning motion and dynamic compensation of drift effects. Flexure guides and all-ceramic insulated piezo actuators guarantee a long lifetime. Position sensors on all drives prevent collisions, for example, with an expensive silicon wafer.

Both systems are available for either single-sided or double-sided positioning tasks. The scope of delivery includes a high-performance digital controller (“E-712”), firmware routines with algorithms for very fast positioning, and an extensive software package. The matching hexapod controller (“C-887”) is also supplied with the parallel-kinematic set-up.

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