Picosecond Laser Diode Driver

Picosecond driver “Taiko” for laser heads from the new “LDH-I” series to read out and control various operational parameters, including central and current emission wavelength, laser head temperature, repetition rate, as well as an estimation of current output intensity.

Every head from the “LDH-I” series is calibrated during manufacturing with regards to its intensity/output power curve and temperature dependent wavelength shift. The driver is thus able to provide an indication of current output power and central wavelength during operation. Setting of the output power can be done either by relative percentage values of intensity or by absolute calibrated values of optical power (mW, W). Thanks to an extended high power capability, the device can drive an even wider range of laser heads, including the most recent generation of high power, multimode diodes. – The “Taiko” laser diode driver offers unmatched operational flexibility, including a wide range of repetition rates from single shot to 100 MHz, generating burst patterns for phosphorescence measurements, continuous wave operation, and external triggering. Thanks to its intuitive local and remote user interfaces, operating a pulsed laser is very easy.

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