PhotonicsViews Magazine is Coming!

New industry journal in a new look – merger of Optik & Photonik and Laser Technik Journal, contribute now for the premier issue 1/2019! (Source: Wiley)

Panta rhei – everything is in flux – this aphorism is now as true as 25 centuries ago. The industrial landscape is being altered by the advent of ultra short-pulse laser applications, lidar systems, additive manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 technologies using both, digital photonic production and optical communications alike.

All this is indicating what we are also seeing in the blooming society partner of ours – the European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC: What was comprised of contributing companies of our magazine Optik & Photonik (O&P) when we launched our partnership about six years ago, is more and more populated by laser technology companies or research institutions – the traditional contributors of O&P’s sister magazine, Laser Technik Journal (LTJ).

It becomes apparent that both technological fields are growing together – and that the laser tech community embraces the term “photonics” as an umbrella designation.

No wonder that many corporations or institutions gather in joint promotional events, be it the International Day of Light or the International Day of Photonics likewise.

Following this trend, we do the obvious: Not to separate the optics/photonics- and laser technology-oriented magazines any further, but combine them in a new title, PhotonicsViews – the name of which is already familiar to you through our international Web portal, the English-language Web site to both LTJ and O&P since a few years now.

The advantages for you as a reader and/or contributor are manifold:

  • Linking industry and research with one broadly-oriented magazine
  • 20 % higher print run = reaching more readers, clients
  • Six issues per year (bimonthly)
  • More pages per issue

Optik & Photonik 13(4), June 2018 (Source: Wiley)

Issue 4 of Optik & Photonik is an appetizer for the first regular issue of PhotonicsViews, 1/2019, which will be out in January.

Contribute to the premier issue 1/2019 and suggest your articles now. Manuscript deadline: November 26, 2018.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and contributions for the new magazine.
Oliver Dreissigacker, Editor-in-Chief – Anna-Lena Gutberlet, Editor

Links: Optik & Photonik (O&P) • Laser Technik Journal (LTJ)


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